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Evripidou Project Managers have been appointed by Amonston Ltd as the Client’s Technical Representatives for the Palm Beach Resort redevelopment scheme in Oroklini, Larnaca.

The project, which is currently undergoing a complete facelift through the implementation of a number of planned upgrades includes:
• Renovation and transformation of the current Palm Beach Hotel into a 5-star hotel
• Conversion of the existing bungalows into 21 individual units
• Construction of basements to create parking areas and facilities
• Demolition of existing facilities adjacent to the hotel and construction of 4 to 6-floor Condo Units
• Development of two towers, with one tower being 11 floors and the other tower being 12 floors
• Adjustments to the existing masterplan to accommodate these change

As the project’s CTRs, our primary role includes the provision of technical expertise and guidance to the Client throughout the project’s duration while also acting as a liaison between the Client, the Project Managers, and other stakeholders to ensure that the project meets the Client's requirements and expectations.
Through the appropriate coordination at a higher level, in conjunction with the regular attendance of technical meetings at the construction site, we focus on aligning the design and technical solutions being proposed by the consultants and executed by the Contractor with the client's strategic business goals, thereby ensuring the successful delivery of a high-quality development within the specified timeline and budget.

However, our contribution in the project also extends beyond the typical aspects of a technical role covering a more holistic range of supporting services through our collaborators such as marketing, financial and property sales.

This is achieved through a hands-on involvement in the project, by drawing on our extensive experience and technical knowhow in the construction industry and in the management of large-scale investment projects as well as by the fact that our team consists of experts from a broad range of academic and professional backgrounds (engineering, architecture, QS, environmental, real estate etc.) which allows us to provide a full spectrum of CTR related services.

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