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Project Management Department Projects




We are currently acting as the Project Managers for the Great Ocean Project, which is planned to be developed in the Zakaki area of Limassol.

The development will consist of twenty-one floor modern office building with an approximate height of 80.9 metres, which will also include a basement level .
More specifically, the development will comprise a ground floor with a lobby, twelve floors with high quality office spaces, two floors with gym facilities and a cafeteria, and multistorey parking facilities which will be distributed within the first six above ground levels and the basement.
The area around the development will be landscaped with suitable trees and vegetation. Photovoltaic panels be installed on the roof of the building to generate electricity from renewable energy sources.

The construction phase of the Project is expected to last approximately 2.5 years, as part of which dewatering activities will also be needed. In order to ready the site for the construction of the proposed building, the demolition of an existing structure has also taken place.

Our role as PMs covers the full spectrum of pertinent services, providing the necessary technical support to the Client while coordinating all relevant activities, consultants, and contractors, from the project’s inception through to its design and construction, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that the Great Ocean development is completed on time, within budget and to the specified standards.

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