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Infrastructure / Special Projects


The Blue - Raman cable systems are part of Google's latest investments in subsea cables, who are collaborating with Sparkle and others to build and operate two submarine cable systems, linking the Middle East with southern Europe and Asia. In particular, the Blue Submarine Cable System will connect Italy, France, Greece, and Israel and includes a landing in Cyprus whereas the Raman Submarine Cable System will connect Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Oman and India.

Branch cables will extend from the main trunk to the shoreline of individual countries through their Exclusive Economic Zone and Territorial Waters to the proposed landing site(s) in each country, which for the Cyprus branch is located in the Yeroskipou coastal area. The route of the marine portion of the cable will be selected based on a combination of engineering, environmental, and economic factors.
The cable system will deliver ultra-broadband capacity and faster access to the consumers and businesses in Cyprus and will upgrade the country into a telecommunication hub for the region.

The proposed cable will have a maximum outer diameter of 38 mm and has been designed and planned to achieve installation with minimal disturbance to the environment and coastal and marine resources and users. The cable shall consist of materials that have demonstrated more than 20 years of reliability.

The cable design will accommodate optical fibres, which are housed in a jelly-filled stainless-steel tube, surrounded by two layers of steel wires that form a protective vault against pressure and external contact, and provide tensile strength.

Evripidou Engineers are proud to have undertaken the role of Engineer of Record for the onshore infrastructure of the Cyprus Landing of the Blue Submarine Cable System and are responsible for the design of the associated civil works for permitting and construction purposes in accordance with applicable regulations and standards.

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