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High and Medium Rise Buildings




Identity Tower is an ambitious project, located in the Tripiotis area next to the new THOC theater, in Nicosia. It will stand 100 meter high, with 22 storeys dedicated to luxurious residences and a restaurant at the ground floor. It combines the modern high-rise form with the classic arch shapes as inspired by traditional Cypriot stone mansions. With such a unique architectural blend, the tower is destined to be an iconic landmark for the area.

Engineering wise, the slender high-rise character of the tower was a challenge on its own. Combined with the extremely limited workspace for such project, the deep excavations and the fact that the development is located in a seismic zone, the tower was in need of innovative solutions. Our purpose on the project was to provide an ergonomic, economic, and feasible structural solution that would not compromise the architectural design in any way. Past experience on projects of similar scale has been a valuable resource in our attempts to identify and tackle issues and variables on the early preliminary design stages.

After methodical investigation of different design alternatives and considering the specific issues and limitations of the local market expertise, we arrived at the conclusion that the implementation of a reinforced concrete structure was the solution to such a multivariable problem. In particular the building will have of a tough shear wall core that will act as the main lateral support system. Columns located at the perimeter of the structure that will transfer the gravity loads safely to the foundation and floors will be constructed as flat slabs with strong perimeter beams fastening all the concrete columns together, ensuring a desirable dynamic behavior under earthquake loads. Our role and responsibility also involves post contract services, including full supervision of the structural aspect from foundations till the completion of the tower.

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